Chaport Review: Best Chatbot Tool In Budget In 2022

The Chaport tool can be used to initiate conversations with new visitors, talk to customers and interact with old ones.

Using a Saas tool like Chaport allows businesses to drive engagement, increase conversions and retain more people.

As an entrepreneur or business owner, you need an ideal chat solution like this to get your business on the right track. 

Here is an In-depth review of the Chaport customer messaging software.

About Chaport

Chaport is an excellent cloud-based Saas Tool that provides chatbot solutions for all platforms.

They are ideal for your business if you are on Twitter, Facebook, vibe, Instagram, and WhatsApp.

Chaport allows desktop applications for all Windows and macOS systems.

Works Well On All Platforms…

This tool works perfectly on all browsers and allows experts to communicate seamlessly with visitors across the world.

It can unify all social media channels and guarantee customer satisfaction.

With chaport, you can capture more sales leads and monitor all conversations using automated features. 

As we move on to this chaport review, you will get to understand the many features and benefits of having this software in your business.

Chaport Interface:

The first thing you will love about the Chaport software is the sleek Ui/UX interface. It comes with an operator interface that serves as an intuitive point of communication. What this means is that new people can use it without much training.

Moreover, it is divided into three segments.

The first is at the left where you can find the chat history.

You can move between chats, reports, operators, and system settings easily.

Also, the middle column is where you will find the communication between you and the visitors.

Looking at the top right of this section, you can move your chat and bring another agent to deal with the visitor.

Finally, in the right-hand column, you will find the visitor’s information ranging from location, language, email, and contact info.

Features of the Chaport software

Chaport Saas tool offers many features which can help improve customer experience, increase sales, and much more. Here are some features of this tool:

1. Live chat

Chaport provides users with live chat functions which allow you to insert widgets to your platform and talk with customers in real time.

This live chat feature allows you to initiate conversations with customers via automatic invitations. 

You could also transfer these chats to a team member and view other discussions live. 

2. Chatbots

Another important feature with Chaport is the latest addition known as chatbots.

The chatbots allow you to create your chatbots which makes communication easier.

There is a user-friendly builder where you can generate replies based on certain triggers. You don’t need any coding to activate this feature. 

Chatbot+Livechat Feature:

When this chatbot feature is used alongside live chat you get better sales and exemplary customer satisfaction.

With these chatbots, you can easily initiate conversations and get vital customer information automatically.

This helps generate more leads and allows 24/7 customer support to reduce the workload of call agents.

3. Canned Responses

Canned responses also known as saved replies are another feature that allows chaport to create the template and useful replies to frequently asked questions.

There are many standard replies which can be produced to make call agents work better.

These saved replies features help solve common problems without any human input. Your agents will get some free time to answer other complex questions.

4. Offline Mode

Due to many unanswered questions, many businesses have lost numerous customers.

With the Chaport tool, you are provided with great customer support even when you have downtime.

When your platform is offline, the chaport app enters messenger mode.

This means your customers can still communicate with you offline. When you come online and respond, approximately, customers will get your reply via email.

5. Team management

Chaport comes with some management tools which allow your team to perform wonderfully.

This team management tool allows you to assign roles based on certain permissions to your team members.

This avoids overlapping roles and everybody will know what their duties are.

6. Analytics

The chaport live chat tool allows valuable insights on all served and missed chats.

It allows your agent to work on time reports where you can track your staff’s analytics.

With this feature, you can easily know where your team needs support and increase conversion rates.

Pros of the Chaport tool

Another thing we will look on this chaport review is the advantages of using this Saas tool:

1. Allow customers to help themselves

Chaport is a tool that provides self-help features to customers when a call agent isn’t around.

This is vital because there are times when customers are in dire need of solutions late in the night.

2. Real-time chat

With Chaport you can interact with your customers live and solve their issues quickly.

Live chat allows more sales and better customer engagement.

3. Allows communication on many social media channels

You can easily integrate the live chat tool into Viber, Telegram, Facebook, and other social media channels.

This is great for businesses to get across to their customers on numerous platforms.

Cons of the Chaport Tool

The Chaport review will not be complete without discussing some drawbacks of this tool. They are:

1. Not Optimized for all iPhone devices

Some users of the Chaport software say it doesn’t work on iPhone X and XR devices. There isn’t an option on these devices to include knowledge-based live chat features.

2. Complex installation

Another drawback of this Saas tool is sometimes installation can be a bit complex. You will need some time to know how to install and use it.

Pricing plans of the Chaport tool

In this Chaport review, let’s look at the various pricing plans available :


You can get a free plan to use this tool.

This allows one operator to deal with unlimited chats and platforms.

This plan comes with basic features like a multilingual chat widget, 30- a day chat history and basic customization abilities.


The premium plan of the chaport software costs about $15 monthly per user if it is subscribed to annually.

But if it’s done monthly, you will pay $19. The features are more robust and you can use more tools.


The business plan for chaport is $23 monthly for one user.

This is a plan which allows users to automate sales and gives better control.

You enjoy all features of the premium package with extras such as on-demand reports and unlimited chat history.


The enterprise package allows you to enjoy chaport support and staff training.

This plan comes with annual bulking and contracts.

You get all the benefits including account manager, security assurance, and dedicated training.


This is a comprehensive Chaport review that has talked about the features and benefits of using this Saas tool.

Chaport provides a personalized client experience, a competitive edge, and a way to check how customers feel about your services.

As an entrepreneur or business owner, you need an ideal chat solution like this to get your business on the right track. 

The software is highly recommended for businesses that want to grow and increase their sales. While it has come with minor drawbacks, it’s one of the best live chat software in the market.

If you are interested in other types of chatbots, consider checking this page about the best chatbots in Buzz In Bot.


1. What is Chaport?

Chaport is a live chat software that allows businesses to automate their sales process.

2. What features does Chaport have?

Chaport comes with features such as Live Chat, Chatbots, Canned Responses, Offline Mode, Team Management, and Analytics.

3. What are the benefits of using Chaport?

The benefits of using Chaport include its personalized client experience, its competitive edge, and its ability to check how customers feel about your services.

4. How does Chaport help businesses?

Chaport helps businesses communicate with their customers in real time, which allows businesses to provide better customer support and increase conversion rates.

5. How much does Chaport cost?

Chaport costs $15 per month if you subscribe annually, or $19 per month if you subscribe monthly.

6. How does Chaport’s offline mode work?

When Chaport’s offline mode is enabled, businesses can still communicate with their customers offline.
When businesses come online and respond, customers will receive the reply via email.

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